A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol

Radio Tower.


Welcome to the home of my Podioplay, A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol. This play is my dramatization of Terry L Heaton's short story, A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol.

Download the Podioplay, A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol.

I have coined the term Podioplay to refer to this type of production, which has its roots in the radio plays that were a staple of Radio's Golden Years. The Podioplay is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 license.
The cast has done a fantastic job. P-Dub sent me exactly what I was looking for. Everyone else sent me multiple interpretations to choose from. They're all good. It was great to be able to pick the ones that work best together and with the scene. I'll warn you now: You better turn on all the lights, lock the door, and grab the Lime Jello® before you listen to Mark's description of the Ghost of Broadcasting Yet to Come.

Narrator - Mark Forman
Ebenezer - Evo Terra
Ghost 1 - Hugh Brackett
Woman 1, Woman 2 - Martha Holloway and J.F. Holloway
Ghost 2 - Tee Morris
Bob Gadget - Richard White
Ship Man 1, Ship Man 2 - Hugh Brackett and Paul Fischer
Voice 1 - P.W. Fenton (P-Dub would have participated in a much more significant manner if he had any of that rumored substance known as "free time").
Tiny New, Voices A - Mur Lafferty

Many thanks to these folks for their efforts!

Audacity 1.3.0b (beta) was indispensable to me for slicing, shuffling, and sequencing the dialog. I used the stable Audacity 1.2.3 to mix the tracks of music, sound effects, and dialog.

Piano music performed by Kevin MacLeod (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0) . The songs are Oh Holy Night and Deck the Halls.

All sound effects recorded by Hugh Brackett.

Final recording script for actors (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 license. )

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