Take that, Spammers!

I'm sick and tired of moderating spam so I've added Comment Timeout to my Anti-Spam Arsenal. Most of my spammers favor the older posts. No doubt they hope the comment will get through and sit there unnoticed. The 1.3 alpha 2 release I'm using works with Bad Behavior which is my current front-line defense.

2 Responses to “Take that, Spammers!”

  1. Simon Erdem Says:

    I found your website on a nonofollow project site and am very happy that i have found this plugin. I will try to use this also to prevent spam on my blog.

    very nice plugin

  2. Hugh Brackett Says:

    I recommend both of the plugins. They are complementary. Bad Behavior is the bouncer at the front door. Comment Timeout makes your blog a smaller target.

Bad Behavior has blocked 26 access attempts in the last 7 days.

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