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Illudium Christmas Vol. IV (Naughty)

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Warning! Explicit lyrics! This show is not kidsafe and not worksafe so pop those headphones on! This show features artists from the Podsafe Music Network.
Download Illudium Christmas IV (Naughty) 44:37 51MB by-nc 3.0
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Unless otherwise noted, tracks are licensed by The Podsafe Music Network

01 A Warning from Santa - Hugh Brackett (by 3.0)
02 Funky Santa - The Sassy Astronauts
03 What Santa Wants - Roadside Attraction
04 Santa Claus is Freaking Me Out - Lord Weatherby
05 Deck the Halls and Ratlle the Walls - Music for Viola
06 Pistol Packin' Santa Claus - Lee Harris
07 Christmas Tree Farm - Pushstart Wagon
08 Heavy Metal Christmas (12 days) - Twisted Sister
09 Merry Freakin' Christmas - The Mydols
10 Drank Too Much - The Alice Project
11 Just Stockings On - Pacific Coast Hellway
12 12 Strippers of Christmas - Rayko/KRB
13 A Pirate Christmas - Tom Smith
14 Credits - Hugh Brackett (by 3.0)

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