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I was very happy to find Alex King's Fix Greedy Rewrite Category plugin. It's simple and brilliant. Check the PHP if you're into such things and you'll see what i mean. Alex's plugin tames Wordpress 2.0's aggressive URI munching. This is important, because the multiple feeds I keep promising depend on tagging with Ultimate Tag Warrior, and with my permalink scheme Wordpress 2.0 eats URIs like which happens to be what you'd subscribe to if you only wanted to get my "Illudium Podcast" and not any book readings. It may seem that there isn't much danger of getting podiobooks in the main feed, but honest, I'm going to start The Mysterious Matter of Mind Real Soon Now(TM).
As soon as I activated Alex's plugin, all of my tag URIs started working again. So thanks to Alex, I'm running out of excuses for podslacking on the books.

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  1. Neato : Blog Archive : Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1415 Says:

    […] Ooh! For those of you with pretty-URL issues, it might be worth having a look at this rewrite workaround. It involves adding a plugin (Fix Greedy Rewrite Category), rather than changing files. Awesome. […]

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