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Illudium Podcast 004

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Download Illudium Podcast 004 (42:06, 48 MB) Compilation License: by-nc 2.5. See the music listing for the licenses of individual songs. Comments of Hugh Brackett are by-nc 2.5.

This show has been a long time in the making. It was originally going to be Illudium 003 and I've had to start over twice due to disk failures. I hope it's worth the wait. This show includes tracks from The Podsafe Music Network. The podcast is assembled without decoding and re-encoding the tracks (except voice-overs and "Believe" which was 22 Khz MPEG2 Mono). See the show notes for Illudium Podcast 003 for details.

Please support the artists by buying their music. Need a gift for someone who always returns stuff? Get them a CD from an artist's web site!

Bill Wolford's Head - Bikinis, Miniskirts, Divorce (used by permission of artist)
Be sure to see the video of Bikinis, Miniskirts, Divorce

James Connolly - House of the Rising Sun (PMN)
People Like Us - If Someone Touches You (sampling+ 1.0)
Bubble - Master Head Case (PMN)
Cadallaca - Firetrap (PMN)
Johnny Casino's Easy Action - Katrina, Katrina (PMN)
T-Minus 10 - The Robot (PMN)
Edison Rocket Train - Yes, Yes, Yes (PMN)
The Silencers - Girl in 604 (PMN)
Collin Raye - Hurricane Jane (PMN)
Y the Band - Believe (PMN)

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