Podcasting should not be expensive - Part 1

Update: Dragonfort is no more. I currently recommend Dreamhost. See my "Life could be a dream" post for more information.

I hate to see podcasters talking about their hosting and bandwidth charges. Yes, it can be expensive, particularly if you use a one-stop solution. Here's why I feel bad: My charges are $1 a month. My host is dragonfort.net. One dollar gets me 500MB of storage and 10GB of transfer. I don't expect to ever hit that, because I'm using The Coral Cache, and older podcasts will be moved to archive.org. Dragonfort is not a ready-to-use blog. You get a virtual host with MYSQL, PHP, and other requisite stuff. It's up to you to install Wordpress or whatever you want to use. It wasn't hard to do, and I can't say I used any geek-fu more advanced than using FTP and following directions until I had been up and running for 4 days and decided to start messing with the footer and the sidebar. If folks are interested, I'll approach James at Dragonfort about the possibility of me creating a template so that you can request Wordpress preinstalled (or install it with one click). If you sign up, I'd appreciate if you mentioned illudium.com.

One Response to “Podcasting should not be expensive - Part 1”

  1. Marko Says:

    Thanks for the good news. I have read a number of things about dragonfort, and they all seem to be very good and very realistic. If I sign up with them, I will give you credit for the referral. :-)

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