Evo Terra has coined the term Podiobooks for audiobooks delivered by podcast in serial form. A nice touch is that the feed is customized for you so you start at the beginning of the book. The parts are then delivered to you on the schedule you select. For books that are in progress, you may catch up with the author, in which case you get the chapters as they become available. Mark Forman has a good interview with Evo in his recent Free Culture News podcast. Evo also has some tips for recording books. His recommendation to print out the pages on letter-sized paper surprised me a bit because I greatly prefer to read (for myself, not aloud) from a computer screen. I like to scroll the text to keep my place. I can see where a hard copy could be useful, particularly if I'm already recording and mixing on one computer. I guess I'll try it both ways.

One Response to “Podiobooks”

  1. Hugh Brackett Says:

    Here's a quick update. I recorded the 11/21 podcast working from an outline in Notepad. I set the font size to 14 pt. As I had expected, I didn't have any problems reading off the screen. I wonder if Evo's recommendation is more at not reading from an actual book, which has smallish type and a distressing tendency to flip itself to an entirely different chapter from the one you're reading.

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