Blue Security Offers Linux Client, Opens Source to Developers

Blue Security offers a free service to help users complain to websites that advertise via spam. Until now, only a Windows client has been available. A number of members who otherwise run Linux or Macs have resorted to running Windows on a spare box to be able to run the Blue Frog client. The client posts complaints on spamvertised websites, one for each spammed message the member receives. Today Blue Security released a Linux client, and at the same time opened the source code to the client and the tool that Blue Security provides to spammers to remove Blue Community members from their mailing lists. The source is available under a "visible source" license (my description) that permits developers to inspect the source, and to develop ports and improvements and submit them to Blue Security. I believe this will rapidly result in features much sought after by Blue Community members, particularly Mac clients, and integration with mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook for one-click and fully automated spam reporting. Perhaps one day soon, Blue Security will accept reports of comment spam in blogs.

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