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Illudium Christmas Vol. I

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

Christmas tree with bears.Christmas is not over! Demand all 12 days! Here's a baker's dozen compilation of Creative Commons licensed Christmas music to keep the glad times rolling. Collection license: (by-nc 2.5) Approx. running time 53:03.

Download Illudium Christmas Vol. I (48.5 MB).
Download Cue Sheet for CD burning.
These songs were not re-encoded to create the compilation. Instead, the tracks including comments recorded in Audacity were combined with the mp3DirectCut MPEG Frame Editor .

Except as noted, tracks are from All tracks are Creative Commons licensed.

01 O Come O Come Emmanuel - Kemper Crabb (by-nc-sa 1.0)
02 What Wonderful News - Drevo (by-nc-sa 1.0)
03 Winter Song - Cheryl Ann Fulton (by-nc-sa 1.0)
04 Winter Wakeneth - John Fleagle (by-nc-sa 1.0)
05 Christmas in New York - Kelley Vice from (by-nc 2.0)
06 Coventry Carol - Kemper Crabb (by-nc-sa 1.0)
07 Wessex Carol - Kemper Crabb (by-nc-sa 1.0)
08 Love & Light - Cheryl Ann Fulton (by-nc-sa 1.0)
09 O Did You Learn O People Such News - Drevo (by-nc-sa 1.0)
10 God Rest Ye Mery Gentlemen - Kemper Crabb (by-nc-sa 1.0)
11 The Child in the Crib - Monks and Metropolitan Choirs of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (by-nc-sa 1.0)
12 Virgin Light - Cheryl Ann Fulton (by-nc-sa 1.0)
13 Doulos - Kemper Crabb (by-nc-sa 1.0)
14 Demand All 12 Days! - Hugh Brackett (by-nc 2.5)

A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Old grave marker in Manassas, Va (c) Hugh Brackett 2005
A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol featuring podcasters from all over the world, with the occasional SciFi writer or sibling roped in for good measure.
Podcasters and ropees include Mark Forman, Evo Terra, Hugh Brackett, Martha Holloway, J.F. Holloway, Tee Morris, Richard White, Paul Fischer, P.W. Fenton, and Mur Lafferty. This Podioplay is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 license.
See the page for "A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol" for more information.

Download A Broadcaster's Christmas Carol (21:50, 25MB) (by-nc 2.5)

As fickle as the breeze

Monday, December 5th, 2005

While outside last night, I noticed the wind blowing in the trees. I have a script that calls for wind sounds. I went inside to retrieve my recording equipment. By the time I was ready to record, the wind was gone like—The Wind. Perhaps it would come back. I had about 45 minutes of recording time available so I just started recording not much at all and went back inside. When I came out to shut it off, I decided to record someone throwing themselves on the ground to plead with a hooded phantom. Maybe there's something useful on the recording, maybe not.

ADD Cast Appearance

Sunday, December 4th, 2005

I just got back from recording ADD Cast #8 with Paul Fischer & Martha Holloway at ADD Cast. Topics included happy monks, pop filter poems, and the new Podioplay I'm producing. I also talk a bit about Jonathan Coultan & John Hodgman's DC show on Friday night (2005-12-02).

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